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Australian Pool Coatings - Sustainable Pool Paint SuppliersAustralia is the driest continent on earth, so it makes sense for Australians to live within easy walking or driving distance to the ocean. Swimming seems to be an integral part of Australian culture. Originally, to go for a swim, we would either drive to the beach or head down to the local public pool. In the last two generations, there has been an increase in inground pool installed in Australian homes. Pools are a great asset to any home, increasing its value and affording a more comfortable lifestyle during the hotter warmer months. Maintaining our pool is required to keep them in optimum condition. At Australian Pool Coatings, we have designed our products to help you keep your pool looking the best it can be – the shell it sells, the coping tiles, and the surrounds that we use for entertaining around our pool.
Australian Pool Coatings is a family owned business with over 25 years of experience in coatings for pools and pool surrounds. We started supplying products to Shire councils over 25 years ago to help them maintain and keep their pools in optimum condition for the public to use during their swimming season. More recently, we have been extending our knowledge gained from helping Shire councils to residential pools. We have started receiving more and more enquiries from the public for ways in which they could make their pools look nicer than what they currently did. Our collective expertise has allowed us to develop our line of pool coatings that are manufactured for use in the harsh Australian environment.
We are committed to producing products and systems that help pool owners breathe new life into an old pool.
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