Australian Pool Coatings shares five benefits of using Chlorinated Rubber pool paint for your DIY maintenance.

As Summer has come to an end, you might be starting to think about repairing and sprucing up your pool and surrounds. Chlorinated rubber pool paint is just one of many coatings available to use, but what are the benefits of using it?

Australian Pool Coatings share our top 5!

1. High Water Resistance

This product is a heavy-duty chlorinated rubber-based coating specifically formulated to waterproof and protect swimming pools.

2. Hard Durable Coating

This paint also has a strong resistance to heat and water, making it a popular choice for exterior applications where paintwork must endure the elements, especially the harsh Australian environment.

3. Good Chemical Resistance

Chlorinated rubber is not just durable, it also offers high chemical resistance, making it ideal for preserving your pool. They provide anti-corrosive protection, particularly in locations such as coastal environments and chemical works.

4. Cost Effective

Chlorinated rubber is a smart investment for homeowners looking for ways to renovate their pool. These coatings are inexpensive, easy to use and apply. In addition, they require less time and equipment for initial preparation and subsequent recoating.

5. Ease of Application

Chlorinated rubber pool paint is simple to apply yourself and provides a smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain. This product also offers the added advantage of recoating over previously painted chlorinated rubber surfaces.

Australian Pool Coating’s Chlorinated Rubber has stood the test of time with Local Council pools, now you can use the same product to give the same protection to your pool. Chlorinated Rubber can be used to renovate your existing cement, fibreglass, marblesheen or pebblecrete pool.

For an average backyard pool of 45000 – 60000 litres, you require 20litres of chlorinated rubber paint in your desired colour and 5 litres of CR Thinner.

Australian Pool Coatings can help you breathe new life into your pool and surrounding areas!

Our unique paints and coatings are manufactured in Australia and made to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Keeping your pool looking good doesn’t have to be hard work. Contact Us today to get started!

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